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50 Things to Do by the Sea BOOK LAUNCH

13/05/2021 1:00 pm – 13/05/2021 2:00 pm | Online

Easkey Britton has teamed up with MarSocSci to celebrate the launch of her new book 50 Things to Do by the Sea, as a part of their marine-themed Webinar Series.

The event explores the themes of the book, from activities to do by the sea to the importance of connecting people to the ocean, coasts and seas, and how we think about the spaces for our health and wellbeing. As many of us are preparing for a summer of staycations – this is the ultimate guide to enjoying days by the sea.

The event is free to attend, pre-booking required.

About the author

Dr. Easkey Britton is a world-renowned surfer and marine social scientist. Her work explores the relationship between people and the sea, using her passion for the ocean to create social change and connection across cultures. She pioneered women’s big wave surfing in Ireland and introduced the sport of surfing to women in Iran. Easkey organises workshops on experiential learning, wellness, nature connection and community engagement and is ambassador for brands including Finisterre, Eden Project International and The Wave. She lives in County Donegal, Ireland and is available for interview.

About the book

50 Things to do by the Sea is a beautifully presented, practical guide for all surf seekers. Explained with fascinating, easy-to-understand commentary from surfer and scientist Easkey Britton, each guide helps you soak up maximum vitamin sea. The book is divided into six main sections – each filled with exercises, ideas and fun facts to help you reconnect with your oceanic roots and create special moments by the sea:

  • Reading the Sea
  • What the Sea Does for Us
  • We are Ocean
  • The Power of the Sea to Heal
  • The Sea is Calling
  • Things to Do for the Sea