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Vibe studied fashion design at Kingston University (London) and also at the Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara, California. She currently works as a freelance knit designer, producing hand-knitted swatches that are sold to fashion companies in New York, Paris, Barcelona and London. Design credits include Nicole Farhi and Whistles. Vibe’s colourful, textured designs are both practical and beautiful. As well as designing knitting patterns, Vibe also takes all her own photography.

What makes you passionate about your craft?
I don’t know if this has anything to do with it but I get cold very easily, so part of it could be that I love the thought of making something soft, warming and comforting. I also find knitting therapeutic and like the fact that you can create your own patterned “fabric”. Good yarn is also important and I’m an absolute addict when it comes to beautiful, good quality yarn. I think I must also be interested in stitch patterns as I, once on holiday in Switzerland, caught myself trying to read through and knit a pattern from a Swiss knitting magazine.

What sparks your creativity?
A beautiful image, a skein of great yarn, someone sitting on the bus or someone in a movie… it’s quite random, actually. I also look at a lot of catwalk photos from recent shows and often get frustrated that a lot of winter collections consist of nothing more than chiffon dresses!

Could you describe a typical crafty day in your life?
If I have a deadline, I will usually get up and have breakfast, start knitting (if I know what I am going to do), or start designing a new piece which can sometimes take longer than hoped for, and then continue through the day with a walk in between for fresh air and exercise. The good thing about working from home is that my ‘work time’ can be flexible – I can go food shopping in the middle of the day or even go and look at shops if I’m feeling very uninspired.

Organised mess or creative minimalism? What does your working space look like?
I do like a certain sense of order. I’d go mad if everything was a total mess. What I also find important in a working space is lots of daylight.

Vibe Ulrik Sondergaard is the author of Lullaby Knits (Collins & Brown, £14.99)