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Are you powering through Veganuary, but you can’t stop thinking about bacon? This twist on the classic BLT might just be your saviour.


by David & Charlotte Bailey

When you ask people who have given up meat if there’s anything they really miss, bacon always seems to feature in their responses, but this recipe might just help. The tofu does a pretty good job of giving off that distinctive, sweet and smoky aroma that draws people in – and it tastes delicious! It certainly isn’t packed full of saturated fat, either, and might actually help to reduce LDL cholesterol. This is a great brunch for lazy mornings.





1 tbsp coconut oil (or cooking oil of your choice

100g/3½oz/¹⁄³ block smoked tofu, thinly sliced

2 thick slices of bread (we love it with a good sourdough)

1 tbsp vegan mayonnaise

1 tsp wholegrain mustard

2–3 leaves romaine lettuce, washed and shredded

2 tbsp Sauerkraut

1 plum tomato, thinly sliced

A few sprigs fresh flat-leaf parsley

Salt and pepper



Heat the coconut oil in a frying pan over a medium-high heat. Add the tofu slices and fry for a few minutes until both sides are really crisp.

Lightly toast the bread slices and spread the mayonnaise on one piece and the mustard on the other.

Put the lettuce on top of the mayonnaise, followed by the Sauerkraut, tomato slices, parsley and finally the crispy tofu. Season to taste with salt and pepper and close the sandwich with the other slice of bread. Slice in half and enjoy!


This sandwich recipe features in David & Charlotte Bailey’s book Fresh Vegan Kitchen.